The benefits of implementing a HR system can be substantial for some organisations.

Running a business is demanding. It usually involves having to wear a lot of hats, so if you had the chance to take the pressure off a little and allow a system to manage some of those time consuming tasks for you, would you?

Many businesses already use a system to manage their finances and client accounts, but what is not so common is for them to use a system to manage their people admin.

Over the past year we have seen a shift in the way that we work and it’s become more common for staff to be based remotely and to have processes and systems in place to support this. Not only will a HR system help to enable this new way of working, but it will also show your employees that you are committed to implementing systems that are future ready.

So, how can a HR system help you save time and run your business more efficiently whilst also ensuring that you are meeting the demands of employees?

We’ve put together some key insights on the benefits of implementing a HR system.

1. Annual leave

Manually tracking annual leave can be incredibly time consuming and errors and mistakes can easily occur. Manual tracking often involves having to maintain a master holiday document, holiday calendar as well as doing all of the calculations for remaining allowances whenever an employee asks or if there is a change to employment status.

Utilising a HR system gives your employees the ability to check the company holiday calendar and submit their requests to their manager using the system, making much of the process self-service.

2. Employee documents

Installing a HR system will allow you to safely store employee documents in one place, such as personal details and employment contracts. Your company handbook and HR policies can also be added to the HR software, giving your employees access to these important documents no matter where they are based.

3. Tracking and managing data

Having a HR system in place will mean that you can extract data easily and make data-led decisions. You’ll be able to export payroll ready data, track and monitor sickness absence, manage rota, time and attendance. You will also be able to run insightful HR reports to help you manage and engage your team more effectively.

We have seen the many benefits of implementing a HR system first hand, which is why we have partnered with HR software providers such as Breathe, Staffology and Cascade.

Breathe is a HR system that helps manage integral parts of your business when it comes to employing. Over 9,000 businesses trust Breathe to manage their 250,000 employees in the UK.

As well as the key insights highlighted above, Breathe also allows you to track and record employee performance, manage expenses, as well as having the ability to share company news and give instant feedback, plus more!

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As ever, we hope you found this article insightful and if you’d like to arrange a chat about HR support and systems, feel free to get in touch.

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