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HR Documentation

Ensuring your business is compliant with up-to-date documentation.

Ensuring your business is compliant.

HR documentation that protects businesses now and in the future.

We understand that HR documentation isn’t always the top of the priority list for busy business owners. However, having the right HR documentation in place forms the basis of a good working relationship with your employees, whilst also helping to keep your business HR compliant and protecting it from disputes and escalating HR issues.


Starter Packs

Whether you’re an established business or employing for the first time, our HR Starter packs provide the ideal foundation and include contracts, handbooks and essential HR forms.

From £599

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Employment contracts will help to protect you and set the understanding of the employment relationship, they are a legal requirement and an essential foundation.

From £250

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Having HR policies and procedures in place can protect your business and enhance your contracts of employment, it can also help demonstrate a consistent and transparent approach.

From £149

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How Outsourced HR helps to develop your business?

Having an outsourced HR function allows businesses to scale and operate a professional HR function, without the expense of employing a HR department.

Professional Structures

Dedicated HR team

Allows for growth

Disciplinary and Grievances


Efficient Processes

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What type of business is Ad-hoc HR Support for?2023-02-16T22:21:50+00:00

Our Ad-hoc HR Services are perfect for businesses that need:

  • A trusted HR advisor who is CIPD qualified that aligns with your business needs on a time bank-based package
  • Peace of mind that you will receive HR advice and guidance when it counts
  • On-going reassurance that your business is HR compliant with employment law
  • External HR guidance to support your business in reaching your goals and aspirations
  • An affordable solution for outsourced HR support, as opposed to hiring an in-house HR manager
  • Updates on the latest legislation
  • A virtual extension of your team, who will happily visit you on site
What do your Ad-Hoc HR Support services include?2023-02-16T22:20:20+00:00

Our Outsourced HR Services are flexible to suit your specific needs, but typically cover:

  • Contracts of employment and company handbooks
  • HR policies and procedures
  • HR advice by phone, email or in person
  • HR letters, forms, checklists and ‘how to’ guides
  • Company handbooks
  • Disciplinary and grievance support and advice
  • Employee performance and absence management
  • Redundancy and outplacing
  • HR systems and HR administration
What do your Outsourced HR Services include?2023-02-16T22:19:04+00:00

Our Outsourced HR Services are flexible to suit your specific needs, but typically cover:

  • Quarterly HR and recruitment reviews and recommendations
  • Updates on the latest HR news and employment law updates
  • HR advice and assistance, recruitment strategy and delivery. Hours per month (email and phone) – Mon – Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm.
  • HR documentation (starters, leavers, HR letters etc.)
  • Annual HR audit with action plan for the 12 months ahead
  • Breathe HR, a HR system specifically designed for SME’s (for up to 10 employees)*
  • Branded careers page and Hireful ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for up to 10 new roles per year
How do I know if I need ongoing Outsourced HR support?2023-02-16T22:17:38+00:00

Outsourced HR is perfect for businesses who need:

  • The expertise, proficiency and knowledge of a consultative HR team
  • An outsourced extension of your team; providing a fully managed HR function
  • HR expertise that supports your business growth
  • Virtual or on-site support that aligns with your business values, goals and aspirations
  • A dedicated HR system, alleviating any stress and saving administration time
  • A custom careers page tailored around your growth plans
  • Efficient updates on the latest legislation, ensuring your business is always compliant
  • Annual audits, supporting your business to develop
How much are your Outsourced HR Services?2023-02-16T21:42:02+00:00

We offer a range of HR packages to suit the growing needs of our clients:

  • Outsourced HR Team – We provide all of the advantages that you would expect from having an in-house HR department, in addition to a dedicated HR systems and careers page. To align with your growth plan, select from between 5 – 15 hours of virtual outsourced HR support per month. Prices typically range from £425 – £1,125 per month.
  • Flexible HR Support – By purchasing a bank of hours, our flexible HR solution gives you access to a team of HR experts as and when you need it the most. Outsourcing HR on a flexible basis provides the versatility for businesses to pinpoint exactly what HR support they require. This HR solution can grow alongside your business needs, from a minimum of 5 hours of HR support over a 6-month period. Starting from £425.
  • HR Starter Packs & Documentation – Our HR Starter Pack is an “off the peg” solution for companies who need to implement a suite of best practice HR documents which are compliant with current employment law. Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, our HR Starter Packs and Documentation help you to ensure your company is up to date with employment law and HR best practice; protecting your business from disputes and escalating HR issues.For businesses who have a more complex structure or set of requirements, we can write bespoke policies and procedures tailored to the specific needs of the company as well as providing advice and support on how to implement them. From £499 as a one-off cost.
Is outsourced HR right for my business?2023-02-16T21:42:15+00:00

If you find that HR is taking your attention away from the day-to-day operations of your business and you feel that ‘headache’, it’s time to outsource your HR.

Do you have an on-going need for a fully managed HR support service? Outsourced HR support is for you.

Do you have an occasional need for HR support? Flexible HR support is for you.

What do your Outsourced HR Services Include?2023-02-16T21:27:42+00:00
  • A dedicated HR team, providing a fully managed HR function
  • Reviewing and creating contracts of employments and company handbooks
  • Providing HR advice by phone, email and in person, as required
  • Creating HR letters, forms, checklists and ’how to’ guides
  • Disciplinary and grievance support and advice
  • Employee performance and absence management support and advice
  • Redundancy and outplacing support and advice
  • Implementation of a HR system and ongoing HR administration
  • Updates on the latest HR news and employment law updates
What businesses are suited to Outsourced HR?2023-02-16T21:42:39+00:00

HR outsourcing is suited to growing or established businesses from 1 employee up to 100 employees who are looking for a cost-effective solution to deal with any HR related issues. Outsourced HR gives you access a team of HR specialists without the need to hire an in-house HR team or department.

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