Struggling to keep the culture alive and finding it is starting to impact on retention? 

We have had many businesses struggling with this issue recently and find that striking the balance between home vs office working is increasingly difficult. Throughout this July Newsletter, we are shining the light on ways to reengage your team and keep your culture alive, supporting retention, recruitment and productivity.

Keeping the Office Alive

Keep the office alive July

Home vs office working, is an ever evolving debate and different for all businesses. Striking the right balance is essential for retention and recruitment strategies, we recently got the thoughts from Rhino Interiors on techniques they incorporate through effective interior design to keep the office alive.

 Engagement and retention throughout the holiday season

Managing Holiday requests July

The summer months can put a particular strain on employee engagement, when there is the inevitable disagreements over holiday and shift patterns. Our friends at RotaCloud have shared some “out of the box” thinking on promoting retention through effective communication and scheduling…

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How would having a HR team change your business?

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