Want to grow your business but can’t find the right talent to take things forward?

A common frustration of so many small to medium sized businesses that we speak to, is that the business owner wants to grow but they can’t find the right people to take the business forward. Does this sound familiar?

Throughout this June Newsletter, we are shining the light on alternative ways to attract talent for better retention and how recruitment can be the first step to improving retention and engagement.

Removing barriers in order to harness the strengths of diverse thinkers

Neurodiversity in the workplace

Last month’s guest blog came from the incredibly knowledgable Kate Dean, who kindly shared her expertise on the importance of enabling neurodiversity in the workplace.

✅ Explore how harnessing the strengths of neurodivergent thinkers can benefit your business today. 👉 Read now.

Can’t find the right talent to take your business forward?

Cant find the right talent

It’s a familiar tale and can be so frustrating for businesses who want to grow but struggle to find the right people.

✅ Discover our top tips to grow your team and retain talent in our latest recruitment insight. 👉 Read now.

What are the benefits of fit for purpose HR documentation?

HR documentation

We get it, HR documentation is not the most interesting topic and reviewing it is never going to be at the top of a priority list, unless something has gone wrong of course.

That being said, having appropriate HR documentations can prove a wise investment in many ways. ⤵️

✅  Explore how HR documentation adds value to your business

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