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With that being said, let’s explore our first HR update newsletter of 2024!

Is your HR ahead of the curve for 2024?

Specialising in supporting ambitious businesses to grow and develop

At Norton Loxley, we appreciate that keeping on top of HR, as well as attracting the best talent can be…well, time consuming, stressful and distracting for business leaders.

How do our HR solutions help business leaders?

  • Provide a fresh and alternative approach which adds long-term value.
  • Have more time to focus on what you do best through our outsourced HR services.
  • Work as strategic partners to support in developing high performing teams.

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Why is planning for the future of your business a vital part of supporting your employees?

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Award-winning boutique law firm Roche Legal kindly share their expertise on planning for the future of your business in our latest guest blog.

💡 Discover three steps to protect the future of your business here

Right to Work Checks: What employers should know


Right to work checks are an essential exercise during the recruitment process, but what exactly does this mean for UK employers and how should right to work checks be carried out?

With fines for employing an illegal worker set to triple up to £60,000, now is the time to make sure your right to work checks are compliant.

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Employment law changes in 2024: Employer Action Points

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Are you aware of the recent announcements regarding several employment law changes that employers must take into account and act upon to fulfil their obligations in 2024?

  • Increase to national living wage
  • National insurance cuts
  • Changes to holiday pay and EU retained law
  • Employment Relations (Flexible Working Bill)
  • And a number of other employment law changes are on the horizon.

To discuss these changes in more depth and to ensure your business is compliant, book in a complimentary consultation with Sian Whelan FCIPD, Managing Director.

💡 Explore employment law changes in 2024: Employer action points

Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Bill: What employers should know?

Here at Norton Loxley we are a full-service HR consultancy with a modern, fresh and commercially focused approach to delivering outsourced HR and recruitment. We are strategic partners for business leaders who want to spend less time focusing on HR or resourcing matters and more time on driving their business forward.

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