When it comes to attracting the best talent for your business, the contents of your careers page is key. Your careers page needs to be engaging, attractive and easy to follow and in today’s market, mobile enabled.

So, How Do You Create a Standout Careers Page?

There’s no right or wrong method although the more detailed and personalised your careers page is the better. One word we have for you is headers. Candidates are either passively or actively looking for a new opportunity and headers allow your careers page content to be clearly broken down and digested. With that, let’s delve into six key tips to create an engaging careers page.

1. About Your Business: Culture, Values, Goals

The first step to engaging the right candidate is to ensure you are both aligned with one another. We suggest starting your careers page with a detailed but straight to the point description about your business and your service offering. Key details to include could be:

  • Company history
  • What are the key benefits of working with you?
  • How would your employees describe your culture?
  • What are the key values you pride yourself on?
  • How is your team structured?
  • A typical day at work
  • Any awards won

2. Current Vacancies

In today’s market competition is high. A process that previously may have taken a couple of months may now happen in a matter of days. To ensure you appeal to the right candidates, the details of your current vacancies need to be as clear as possible.

What do we mean by this? Within the job description it is recommended to clearly state the responsibilities of the role, the key and desirable skills that are required for the position and valuable information such as working hours, salary band and ideally a person specification. Don’t forget to include details on how to apply and the closing date for applications.

If you don’t currently have any vacancies, invite those who may be interested in joining your company to submit their CV to an email address of your choice.

3. The Benefits

We completely appreciate that certain roles in your company have varying benefits. However, when it comes to recruitment, transparency is a wonderful thing. Your careers page can demonstrate a range of benefits that you may offer which can often be overlooked. Some suggestions include:

  • Holiday allowance: Is annual leave a flat rate for everyone or do you offer any additional time off such as an extra days leave on their birthday.
  • Hybrid and flexible working: Is this something you offer or would consider for the right candidate? Or do your team prefer to be face-to-face and have an amazing office culture?
  • Technology: This is a factor that can be hugely ignored. What software can candidates expect to use? Is a company laptop or mobile provided?
  • Professional development: How do you encourage this? Is mentorship provided? Are you keen to invest in a candidate’s development?
  • Your workspace: Allow candidates to get a feel of where they could be working. Where are you based? Is your workspace open plan and modern or a more traditional feel?
  • Team days: Whether it’s a Christmas meal or a team bonding day, candidates may look for that social feel outside of typical working hours.
  • Additional benefits: For instance, is there free parking or a cycle to work scheme?

4. Images and Videos

They say a picture speaks a thousand words…and that’s a fact. Introduce candidates to your current team through photos or videos. Better yet depending on the size of your business you could include a brief introduction of your team members. Whether a team photo or video was taken at your business or out in the community, this is a great way to humanise your business and demonstrate your culture.

5. Employee Testimonials

Your employees are more often than not the best voice to represent your employer brand. Employee testimonials could potentially be one element that sways someone from investing their future with your company over a competitor.

Hearing first-hand about what your employees feel about working for you is hugely important for jobseekers. You could also include case studies of your team. For instance, has someone joined at a more junior level and over time progressed to a senior level? If so, how did this happen? Do all your team come from the same industry background? If not, explore this. You never know the talent that is out there if you explore a little wider. 

6. Recruitment Process

According to a recent article by People Management more than 78% of job seekers wouldn’t apply, or even consider applying if they believed a recruitment process was going to be too complex. Allow candidates to easily apply with an ‘Apply now’ button. Depending on your organisation’s requirements, if a candidate can upload their CV rather than completing a lengthy application form this should encourage quality leads to apply for your vacancy.

And there we have our 6 key tips for creating a brilliant careers page!

 Here at Norton Loxley we provide full recruitment talent partnerships where we act as an extension of your team. By working strategically and flexibly with your business, we can provide a fully outsourced recruitment process which is aligned to your company goals and culture, including the set up and maintenance of your careers page and applicant tracking system.

This dedicated recruitment process allows a future talent pool to be created and administration time to be heavily reduced.

Whether you have an ongoing need to fill vacancies or are looking for a one-off hire, please don’t hesitate get in touch with our team of recruitment specialists to see how we can assist your business.