At a time when it has never been harder to recruit, we wanted to offer our top 5 tips to support you in attracting the best talent for your business in January.

As we move into a new year, we have reflected on the previous twelve months and the many conversations that we have had with candidates over that time. More and more the priorities of candidates are changing. No longer is the first question about salary or title, but first and foremost candidates want to know how much they will enjoy working for their potential new employer; how they will integrate their new job with their lifestyle and will their new employer be compassionate and flexible.

Therefore, as salaries continue to rocket, consider how you can add value to a package without blowing the budget.

1. Work from home

This is a big one since Covid-19 changed the way we work forever. The majority of professionals report that they prefer a 60/40 split of office vs. home working. Allowing home working for a least part of the week will not only make the role more attractive to candidates but it also opens the geographic reach of your candidate pool.

2. Flexibility

Offering flexible start/finish times to employees where practically possible is extremely attractive to candidates, allowing them to integrate their work life with home life. Consider “core” office hours to ensure that meetings are facilitated easily.

3. Reduced hours

As lifestyle becomes increasingly valued within the workplace. Consider whether the role that you are recruiting could be completed within a 30 hour week as opposed to 40 hours for example. Pro-rata you may find that you can attract a higher level of candidate as a pro-rata salary would be higher.

4. Holiday allowance

A modest holiday allowance can be a real turn off for candidates, with many candidates considering a low holiday allowance to directly relate to how good a company is to work for. We recommend a minimum of 23 days holiday allowance but ideally 25 days plus bank holidays.

5. Progression and professional development

Recruiting is a costly expense to a business, therefore employee retention is key. Consider offering professional development courses and progression plans to keep employees engaged and support in attracting new talent into the team.

For more specific advice regarding your recruitment strategy, we can support you with Specialist HR Recruitment, SME Recruitment and Talent Partnerships.

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