How effective is your performance management strategy?

If you are looking to create a workplace environment that empowers your employees, boosts morale and prioritises retention it’s time to consider your performance management.

This month we are shining the light on performance and retention, giving our top tips on how to develop a high performing and engaged workforce.

Is effective performance management a priority for your business?

August performance management

With nearly 61% of workers looking for another role, it’s vital that you get your performance management process right from the get-go.

If you are seeking to foster a workforce that is high-performing, motivated and productive, explore our latest HR insight ⤵️

 It’s time to rethink your recruitment strategy and focus on retention

August Rethinking Strategies

With 1.1 million open vacancies across the UK, the competition is high for disgruntled employees to leave in search of better opportunities is high.

Our friends at IRIS share their latest tips on how to make employee retention a priority and break the revolving door of vacancies ⤵️

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If you could allow a HR system to manage some of those time consuming tasks, would you?

August Benefits of implementing a HR system

HR systems are revolutionary to help you save time, run your business more efficiently and ensure that you are meeting the demands of employees.

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Discover the benefits of implementing a HR system

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