Hello and welcome to the Norton Loxley August newsletter of 2022!

Let’s delve into the latest HR and recruitment insights that you should be aware of this month.

How to manage annual leave effectively

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With travel restrictions lifted and the possibility of enjoying a few weeks in the sunshine, holidays abroad are once again on the rise. 

So, how can employers manage annual leave effectively to ensure their employees are happy?

➡️ Discover our top 5 tips for annual leave management in our blog.

Changes to fit notes

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Pressures on doctors and GPs should be reduced as an updated law on fit notes came into place from July 2022. This change allows the most relevant healthcare professional to issue fit notes in addition to doctors.

More health practitioners across England, Scotland and Wales can now issue fit notes including nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists and physiotherapists. This updated law alongside the introduction of the digital fit note in April 2022 should allow for a more streamlined process.

➡️ Explore the guidance here

Looking for a new careers page and ATS?

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As part of our outsourced recruitment service and talent partnership offering, we can create a careers page tailored to you whilst managing your complete recruitment process. 

As an accredited Hireful Partner, we wanted to make you aware that we can offer this system as part of our service offering in order to support you better.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced admin time
  • Centralised data
  • Highlighting the best talent
  • Quicker shortlisting

If you are looking to update your careers page or implement an ATS system, we would love to hear from you.