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Flexible HR support with personal service as and when it is needed, reducing the time and stress of HR related matters.

Our HR Time Banks are ideal for businesses with a small team who require HR support from time to time.

We understand that HR matters can be time consuming and stressful for business owners and at times can be an unwelcome distraction.

Recognising that not all businesses need ongoing support, we also offer flexible HR support, which provides the opportunity to do a credit purchase of time or ‘Time Bank’ facility, to be used as you need over a 12 month period.

We believe that all businesses should be able to access HR expertise which is personalised to their business.

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Flexible HR support as and when it is needed

Flexible HR Support can include:

Reviewing and creating contracts of employments and company handbooks.

HR advice by phone, email and in person, as required.

HR letters, forms, checklists and ’how to’ guides.

Disciplinary and grievance support and advice.

Employee performance and absence management support and advice.

Redundancy and outplacing support and advice.

Implementation of a HR system and ongoing HR administration.

Updates on the latest HR news and employment law updates.

Time Bank from £595 +VAT

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