With the King’s Coronation on Saturday 6th May 2023 and the announcement of the extra bank holiday on Monday 8th May 2023, it’s no surprise that many businesses have been considering how to navigate this to meet business needs.

If your business is yet to make a decision about the extra bank holiday and communicate this to your teams, below is some further information to consider.

Monday 8th May 2023 – Do I have to give my employee’s this date off?

The day of the King’s Coronation on the 6th May is not a bank holiday therefore it is your decision as the employer to decide if you will remain open or not.

When it comes to the extra bank holiday on Monday 8th May, businesses should treat this the same as any other bank holiday.

However, when it comes to the automatic entitlement to this bank holiday it’s important to review the exact wording in your employees contracts.

Many employment contracts state the exact entitlement of public/ bank holidays an employee will receive per year. For instance, if an employee’s contract states a time off entitlement of “8 public/ bank holidays” per year, they do not have automatic entitlement to this bank holiday. Whereas if a contract states an entitlement of “all public/ bank holidays” the employee does have automatic entitlement to this extra day off.

It is up to you as the employer to decide if you will give this day as paid leave to those who do not meet the automatic entitlement.

If your business is remaining open on the 8th May, you should remind employees who wish to take the day off to follow the normal annual leave request process.

Get in touch if you would like a free checklist guide on managing staff around the King’s Coronation.

How to manage annual leave

If you are currently managing holiday using pen and paper or spreadsheets our blog on how to manage annual leave effectively provides our top tips to reduce this headache.

Businesses of all sizes find that implementing a HRIS (HR Information System) can be invaluable for managing their people admin.

A HR software supports annual leave management as:

  • Annual leave can easily be tracked and managed
  • Employees have a self-service function to request annual leave against the available holiday calendar
  • Gone are the days of manually calculating leave; holiday entitlements are automatically calculated
  • Holiday approvers receive a notification of leave requests to easily approve or deny
  • Overall improving efficiency and saving time!

We are proud HR software specialists who are able to support you and your organisation with the selection and implementation of a fit for purpose HR system. If you would like to see the benefits on holiday management, click here for a free 14 day trial of Breathe.

For further advice and guidance on navigating annual leave, please get in touch with one of the team.