HR Advisory Services

Ad hoc HR support to SME’s across the UK.

HR Advisory Services

Ad hoc HR support to SME’s across the UK.

HR Advisory Services

Our team deliver a range of ongoing and ad-hoc advisory services to small and medium businesses across the UK.


Contracts of Employment

As an employer, you are required to give your staff a legally-binding contract from their first day of employment.

Employment law, however, is constantly changing, and contracts need to be updated regularly to ensure that they still reflect your unique requirements and that you aren’t unknowingly taking on risks.

As well as reviewing your existing contracts, we can help transition your team onto new terms and support any challenges that might arise as part of this process.


HR Policies & Procedures

As well as keeping your values and goals clear, a well-written company handbook allows access to important information like disciplinary and grievance policies, performance management, holiday entitlement, family leave, absence and health and safety.

Likewise, with the recent increase in remote working, having this information readily available reduces administration costs and helps you manage your offsite operation more efficiently.

We are experienced in producing, implementing and updating policies and procedures that are rooted in best practice and employment law and sit squarely around your business goals and culture.


Disciplinaries & Grievances

There’s always the potential for conflict in the workplace and it can take many forms – between two colleagues, an employee and their manager, or an employee and the company itself.

This can be stressful and time-consuming and handling it well is the quickest route to restoring trust and returning the workplace to a productive environment.

Thanks to our years of experience in HR, we can help establish and implement a framework for when things go wrong and support you throughout the process should it become necessary.



According to a recent CIPD Health and Wellbeing survey, the average yearly absence due to sickness now stands at 5.8 days per employee.

This can have a significant impact on your business, resulting in lost time, rising costs and a decrease in your ability to operate.

Striking the right balance between support and considering the impact on your company is the key to managing this effectively and we can help develop a balanced and successful strategy for the well-being of your staff and business.


Performance Management

Whether it’s by determining the most appropriate way to get the most from your people or clearly expressing it to them, a performance management plan helps keep your team focussed, motivated and accountable.

We can help devise, develop and implement your approach and identify areas where support and development are needed, all while keeping an experienced eye on your values and business goals.


Redundancy & Restructuring

If you are restructuring or relocating, redundancies are sometimes needed to make it work and having guidelines in place and the right skills to implement them allows you to get through it as painlessly as possible.

We can guide you through this difficult period, whilst keeping morale and productivity high and minimising any reputational impact.

Our team can even support departing employees with advice on refreshing their CV’s and honing their interview skills, giving them the best possible chance of a quick and smooth transition.

Breathe HR


HR Systems

An effectively implemented HR System allows companies to provide easy access to the employee handbook and policies for staff, store employee data, track time, manage holiday requests and annual leave entitlements, administer sickness and absence, monitor expenses and ensure legal compliance.

We are a certified partner of BreatheHR, a cloud-based system that’s easy to use and perfectly suited to businesses from 1-100 members of staff and have experience of implementing systems for businesses with over 300 team members.

Find out more about how it can help your business.

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