HR Software Implementation

HR Software Specialists to get your HR in good shape.

HR Software Implementation

HR Software Specialists to get your HR in good shape.

HR Software Specialists

We specialise in supporting you and your organisation with the selection and implementation of a fit for purpose HR system (also known as HRIS and Human resource management system). We can help whether you are looking to move away from manual processes and spreadsheets for the first time or if you have outgrown your current HRIS and require a new system that supports your business growth plans.

With a breadth of knowledge and expertise across the HRIS market, we are able to provide impartial HRIS recommendations, advice and guidance, alongside implementation and project management support to ensure a smooth transition and desired outcome upon HR system implementation.

Step 1

HR System Selection

The HRIS market has grown substantially and the various options can be overwhelming. If you are a HR professional or decision maker in your organisation looking to choose a HR system for your organisation, we can help you make this decision by providing independent recommendations of a number of systems that match your HR and payroll requirements.

Our approach to system selection includes taking the time to fully understand your HR system requirements, budget and timescales and researching the HRIS market against your criteria. From here, we make recommendations based on our findings and knowledge of the HRIS market.

We can also support with system provider negotiations and due diligence as part of the selection process.

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Step 2

HRIS Implementation

Once a HR system is selected, we can support with the implementation and project management on your behalf with the chosen HRIS provider. Our support helps to ensure the system implementation is delivered on time and on budget without distracting and utilising valuable internal resource. Implementation support includes guidance on data collation and accurate data importing and ensuring the chosen system is configured to match your requirements.

Our project management support includes liaising with the HR system provider on your behalf to ensure the project remains on track. Once the HR system is configured, communication across your organisation is key. Our implementation support includes working with you to develop a communication plan and guidance for staff to familiarise themselves with the system to ensure early adoption of your new system.

Read our HRIS Selection and Implementation case study.

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Step 3

Additional HR Support

We understand that when a new system has been implemented, this can create additional HR work in the short term for example, to update HR system processes or to support new HRIS users to utilise the HR software in line with your HR and business processes and to be on-hand with any queries post system implementation.

HR Software Providers

The HRIS and payroll systems available has grown substantially over recent years, with new systems and upgrades becoming available on the market all the time.

breathe HR

Breathe HR

Breathe helps SMEs manage people-related functions and processes. Simple and secure HR cloud software that saves admin time and releases business owners and HR to focus on growing their business. The self-service functionality allows employees to report absences, request holidays, update personal information and more.

Suitability – Breathe HR is suitable for up to 250 employees and is based on a set plan size.

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Staffology by IRIS brings together the heart and science of a happy business with intuitive, cloud-based HR and payroll software.

Staffology has four packages available to tailor the system against the needs and budget of your organisation.

Suitability – Staffology is suitable for up to 500 employees and is based on the number of users.

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Cascade Logo

Cascade HR

IRIS Cascade HRi is here to help with a flexible solution that covers everything from core HR functionality to integrated payroll, recruitment, training and talent management. Our all-in-one HR software is easily tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

Perfect for mid-sized to enterprise-level organisations, we provide a single integrated database, ensuring all the tools you need to manage an engaged and productive workforce in one centralised system.

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RotaCloud is the people management platform for shift-based teams. Manage your rotas, timesheets and employee management processes in one easy-to-use system. As well as saving you time and cutting out repetitive admin, RotaCloud helps you retain your best staff by giving them more visibility and more flexibility around their work and home life.

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