HR Consultancy & HR Projects

We provide strategic HR consultancy and HR projects, working with business leaders to fully align their Human Resource function with their wider business plan and long-term goals.

Our HR consultancy and HR projects involve working closley with business owners, MDs, Senior Leadership Teams and with internal HR on an interim or project basis to support business change.

Our HR consultancy and projects supports start with an in-depth consultation followed by a detailed proposal covering the anticipated costs and timescales for delivery.

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People Strategy

Having a people strategy that is aligned to your goals will help to ensure your business grows and flourishes as your team expands.

If your business is a start-up or growing and employing more people to join your team, it is never too soon to create and develop a people strategy.

We work with business leaders to understand your business aims and goals. From there, we create a bespoke people strategy that helps you and your business achieve your goals. Your goal might be to become an ’employer of choice’ or to attract and retain talent for the future to support your business growth plans. If this is your aim, we can help set a clear direction and support you to achieve your goals.


Employee Engagement

A fully engaged member of your team is likely to be happier, more fulfilled and more focused on their job. We’ll work with you to develop an engagement strategy that aligns with every aspect of your HR approach – communications, policies, systems, learning and development, performance management, benefits, rewards – even company social events.


Employer Branding

How you are perceived can have a huge impact on whether you’re the obvious choice for a potential candidate. We can use your unique company culture as a powerful selling point and present you in a clear, distinct and memorable way. By setting the right expectations you can better appeal to individuals who will excel as part of your company.


Salary benchmarking and job evaluation

Job evaluation and salary benchmarking exercises help you gather internal and external data on roles in your company and equivalent jobs in other employers or sectors.

Salary benchmarking helps your company remain competitive when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. Job evaluation is internally focused, using a systematic approach to  rank jobs and their relative importance within an organisation. Both salary benchmarking and job evaluation help to ensure pay is both fair and competitive.

Using an established job evaluation methodology, we help businesses with implementing and undertaking job evaluations. We also undertake salary benchmarking either alongside job evaluation or as a separate process.


Developing your In-house HR Team

We have extensive experience transitioning and supporting companies as they recruit and embed a new HR or recruitment team.

From defining their role as your business expands to establishing standards for the future or finding the right people to make it work, we offer specialised training and development to help your new team thrive as quickly as possible.


HR System Implementation

We understand that keeping on top of day to day HR administration such as recording holidays, sickness, updating employee information and HR documents can take up a lot of time for businesses. This is why we recommend having an HR system in place to help take the administration away whilst keeping you compliant and by giving you the HR reporting tools you need.

We have experience of implementing a range of HR systems and finding the right match for your business needs. Find out more on our HR Software section about our approach to supporting the implementation of a HR system.